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Solo Reteats for Solo Adventurers

Hornby Island

BC Canada

Step into a solo retreat at Sun Door and step away from the demanding, distracting routines of daily life



Sun Door grows

Sun Door has been providing a natural island environment for group retreats since 2012. In the pause between 2020 and '22, we've shifted to a new, intimate and fully personalized solo retreat model, healing and resting in nature.  We believe that solo retreats offer a unique opportunity for each of us to find renewed resiliency to help navigate our personal roads to peace and healing. for the good of all.

Your personalized solo retreat

A Sun Door retreat is a refuge.  It offers you a quiet, secluded place for rest, practice, healing sessions, ritual, and deep nourishment.  You will have time to explore both the light and the inevitable shadow that come with a rich and well-lived life. We offer you the opportunity to embrace the adventure in

Sun Door’s rustic comforts and profound beauty.  Your retreat includes three nights and days of private forest accommodation, generous wholesome meals to meet your needs, and one-on-one healing sessions with dedicated practitioners.  Together we will create your personal retreat, tailoring it to support your needs.  We offer you space throughout your retreat to settle into your unique stillness.  Ask us about crafting special duo retreats to share with a close other.  We have options for you.


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