The beauty of Sun Door is its welcoming simplicity and harmony in an eco-friendly environment. Every aspect of its design is woman-inspired with intention to integrate with its natural setting. We thank Ken and Issac Fisher, two legendary island builders for holding true to this when Ken built the main

house-lodge in 1986 and together they built the shala in 2013.  At Sun Door you will feel embraced by and integrally part of the natural world.

The land is held in a forested vortex of peace and tranquility alongside Ford Creek that winds and spills down from Mt Geoffrey.

The land is healing. Sun Door's roots tap into the historic ties to Hornby's original settlers who knew it, walked it,

revered it, resourced it, and honoured it a long, long time ago. Its name echoes the traditional 'Sun Doors' in the shala entrance, which came 

from Rajasthan in India, via nearby Coombs, and found their new home in the west coast rain forest.

The main lodge house

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Labyrinth 3.HEIC

Your private retreat abode in the forest


The Shala

The main house lodge

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Your private retreat sanctuary

This charming retro-rig caravan is an echo of the '80's, privately nestled in the woods, a stone's throw from the lodge house. It's completely renovated, very comfortable with seating area, kitchen, storage for your personal items, a wash area and step up loft sleeping area with surrounding views out into the forest.  A delightful hot and cold outdoor shower and private composting biffy are right nearby this sanctuary for your convenience.

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Eating well at Sun Door

At Sun Door we feast on good food.  To us, good food means simple, wholesome and hearty land-to-table meals that are radical nourishment for body, soul and senses.  Organic seasonal ingredients are the basis of all of our vegetarian meals that we serve ourselves and everyone else.  We grow as much as we can on our own, and we forage and delight in the old kitchen arts of bread baking, yogurt making, sprouting, fermenting and preserving our harvests.  We are proud to share our abundance with you and love to cook for you as well!