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Your dedicated hosts

We're steeped in the healing arts and island living, and we aim to make your retreat a good experience with long lasting benefits.


Diane Smith


I’m Diane, the founder of  SUN DOOR since its conception in 2012. Hornby Island has been my home since 1972. 

I’ve always been passionate about providing an authentic, natural space for healing, reflection, relaxation, solitude and rejuvenation. I created SUN DOOR here at home on Hornby, for this soul purpose.  I had been a practicing midwife and lived and worked in India for almost a decade and I travelled around that huge country, absorbing the values of Indian culture in many ways before returning home to Canada in 2003.  I brought them home with me, and they've grown into my island roots. I hope to have infused SUN DOOR with simplicity, harmony, generosity, unity, diversity, beauty and the visible wisdom of light and shadow.

I'm a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, (SEP),  Yogini, teacher, inspirator of healing, artist, dancer, former midwife, home builder, creator, mother and grandmother.  My life is my teacher and in the spirit of learning, my studies and Yoga practice began in the 80's at the feet of  Swami Radha.  I moved on to look into the very classical Inyegar tradition before stepping into the swift current of feminist breakaway Iyengar teachers, in the Vijnana form. Dona Holleman, Angela Farmer, Gay Meagley, and most notably Sama Fabian have been my primary teachers of influence. Since 1995 I've been teaching Hatha, Yin, Restorative,  Kundalini Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. I never tire of Yoga routines and always cycle through limbs of interest, the right routine for the current time. I hold certifications in Kripalu Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga for Trauma.  

Everything has led me to integrating Yoga into the healing of my direct life experiences with trauma and addiction.  I'm dedicated to helping others resolve the traumas of life. As an SEP I offer sessions which will often include a Yoga Nidra practice.  Alongside this, I have developed a practice that is the synthesis of the essentials of Yoga Asana and Somatics, which I call SOMA Yoga.  It's a practice that provides a way to release postural tensions and long held body discomforts , while learning to connect and live with relaxation in your daily,  active life.  This practice keeps me pain free and limber as I grow older…and older!  My authentic journey is never ending and I'm always led by my quest for healing and awakening to personal and collective joy.  I keep my finger on the pulse of the world these days, my heart in my hands and my gaze on the Soma whirling in space.

There is a growing awareness of a need for lasting positive changes in a world that seems to be aching for it.  I hear so many people of all ages speaking about this and I'm grateful to provide SUN DOOR as an environment that will profoundly put you in touch with your beautiful self. It can inspire the unique changes you might want to make in your world, and inevitably in the collective.

A recent testimonial...

Diane, the owner and founder of SUN DOOR has a gentle magic of her own. Welcoming and hospitable, moving with cat-like grace. The support and encouragement as she took me through one of her Somatic Experiencing sessions, was there in tone of voice, expression, and unseen ways. It was as though eight pairs of hands were holding me, while she sat five feet away, guiding me through through gentle movements, without even touching me. Suffice to say, I highly recommend SUN DOOR if you are looking for a place of healing. The land itself will likely bring to the surface whatever needs to be tended to, and the caretakers will certainly take care, and support your process in the best way possible. Phil Gardner


Tracey Cook

went to University thinking I was going to become a lawyer.  The moment I was called to the Bar, I let out a howl, turned tail, and followed my heart to a different career path.  I now work primarily with yoga, holistic nutrition, and the practice of “re-wilding” to support and empower you when you are ready to feel better and love yourself more.  I’m thrilled for this opportunity to meet and support you from SUN DOOR retreats.  Deep gratitude to Diane for creating the golden SUN DOOR, and inviting me to come on inside.  May it be a portal to a place and time that will radically nourish the grace, power, and joy within all who come to rest and grow here. 


My enchantment with yoga began about 3 decades ago.  Always an athlete, I’d never felt “embodied” in the way I did for a brief, shining moment or two my first day on the mat.  Curious and hungry for more, I deepened my study and personal exploration. The practice that engaged first my body, also fascinated my mind and blew new life into my spirit.  My adventure continues - and the deeper I feel my way into the practice and lifestyle of yoga, the richer is my world.  My ultimate aim as a teacher is to support all yogis to discover and sustain a personal home practice.   Developing the spark to show up for ourselves, by ourselves - this is truly where yoga’s magic happens.  We access our own inner voice.  We follow our own inner authority.  We become our own healer.  I am trained in trauma-informed yoga, yoga for chronic pain, and for those who suffer from body dysmorphia and eating disordered behaviours.  I am here to help you discover a practice that works for your whole being. 



As a Holistic Nutritionist, I invite clients to “un-diet” - to bravely step by brave step by brave step into wonderful place of greater freedom with food.  Food freedom comes as we build an alliance of friendship with our bodies and a sense of trust for the innate intelligence within.  Our bodies want to be well, and if we are really listening to our deepest hungers, this wise ally (our own body) will guide us to a deliciously simple, close-to-the-earth, perfect-for-us way of eating at every stage of our lives.  Perfect-for-us does not mean “perfect.”  When we are free to follow our deepest cravings for radical nourishment and the odd chocolate chunk cookie, we find corresponding reduction in inflammation, optimized digestion, absorption and elimination, strengthened  immune function, reduced anxiety.  Life feels better with good food.  Including the odd chocolate chunk cookie.  It’s a recipe for on-going wellness in body-mind-spirit.  



I am deeply fascinated by the Five Element Theory as developed in eastern wisdom traditions.  Five Element Theory teaches that we are creatures of nature, and healing can happen when we awaken the elemental energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space within our own inner landscapes.  This wisdom appeals to my imagination, my sense of poetry, and I know its truth because I feel it’s truth.  I feel it in my blood and bones.  You will too.  I offer Five Elements practices that I have come to call Re-Wilding - practices that promise to awaken you to your undomesticated, elemental, vitally alive essential self.

Jean Gordy








Jean has recently returned to her Canadian roots after some time away.  She is a new and enthusiatic community member on Hornby and is making her home at the heart of Sun Door.  She brings with her a wealth of life experience and is a true seeker.  She has 40 years of emotional healing work, and understands the human condition from her heart centered approach to relating to the world.  She is also an artist in the realms of Jewelry making, Metalsmithing, and Batik Clothing and Art.  Optimum health is a primary focus in Jean's life.  She has been studying and following the Medical Medium dietary protocols and co-hosts retreats and cleanses at Sun Door.  Jean is a warm and welcoming addition, adding her own unique lightness and healing to what we humbly offer.

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